So a while back, I posted something about getting real with myself and getting myself back in shape. I supposed I should update the world (or you know, whoever’s reading this) on how that’s actually going.

In short, things are different now than they’ve been in the past, but there’s actual progress being made.

When I was 300+ lbs, losing weight consisted of a calorie number, and as long as I hit that number, and did some work in the gym (hell, at first, not even that much), the weight just kind of fell off. A couple things have happened since then: I got old, and I don’t have *that* much weight to lose. In turn, it’s just not that easy anymore.

Over the course of July, I worked out through my regular workouts, and ate kind of whatever I

Strava Data

What a “good” run looks like for me.

wanted as long as it fell into an 1650┬ácalorie window. The weight just kind of stuck around. Mind you, I didn’t eat *great*, in my mind as long as it hit that calorie window I should be fine, right? That’s how it’s always been. Well, not anymore.

Come August 1, I decided to really clamp down. Sugar’s been cut way down, carbs have been cut way down, and some of the running has been up. Since then, I’m down 9 lbs, so I guess that’s solid, right? I mean, it doesn’t suck, anyway.

The only downside: Clearly my body’s just not processing sugar like it used to, and I’m going to have to keep cutting back on that sort of thing. Thing is, sugar is amazing. Other amazing things: Carbs, and whatever contains both sugar and carbs.

Anyway, I’ve started upping my miles, 4 1/2 this past Thursday, with an average pace of 9:44/mile. Now, you’re thinking “Ken, that’s not very fast”, and for a lot of people it’s not. For me, though, it’s about as quick as I can go. The fact that I’m already at a sub-10 minute pace for a run over 3 miles, I’m pretty thrilled. Coming up will be a 5+ mile run, and if I can hold a pace anywhere near that, I’ll be well on pace for a halfway decent race come Las Vegas.

At this rate, I should be a little more ready for the race in November. In hindsight, I’ve maybe over-cooked my running schedule over the last few years, leading to things like “me having muscle spasms during races” and stuff like that. I’ve decided that the only race I’m running before Vegas will be a 5K in October (Ales for Rail Trails 5K, which is the race where I ran my first ever 5K). Otherwise, I’m trying to take it easy in hopes of setting myself up for a career-best run. We’ll see how that goes, but I’m optimistic.

Other stuff I’ve been doing? I’ll post that later this weekend. Labor Day weekend: Actual time for me to get stuff done!