Hey! So I’m Ken…if you’re reading this you probably at least kinda sorta know me, but either way here’s a little bit of an overview of me.

Born and raised in Northampton, Massachusetts, I moved to Rocky Mount, NC for college at the prestigious North Carolina Wesleyan College. After four spectacular years there, it was onward to Durham, NC, where I now call home.

My career is in information technology, technically, but I like to think that’s just what pays the bills to do other far more fun and exciting things. I’m fortunate enough to be one of the voices you hear week in and week out at the historic South Boston Speedway in scenic South Boston, VA. You can also hear me over the public address system at Richmond International Raceway from time to time, or find me taking pictures at Martinsville Speedway during one of their events.

By far my favorite hobby/thing I would totally do for a career if it paid nearly enough to live off of is running the sliding sport website Sliding On Ice. it’s a labor of love that I started a few years back when I realized there wasn’t hardly any information about that season’s events. The online coverage has gotten better, but I still strive to do what I can to get information out to the people.

I’m a long-time season ticket holder for the Durham Bulls, have the greatest dog in the world (Deacon, see the “Deacon” tab for more information), “enjoy” running, golfing, and generally trying to stay active, and make a really mean waffle.

Want more info? There’ll be blog posts. Lots, and lots of blog posts.