Running & Fitness


So a while back, I posted something about getting real with myself and getting myself back in shape. I supposed I should update the world (or you know, whoever’s reading this) on how that’s actually going.

Back to Day 1

See this guy to the left? That was me in 2012. Definitely 5’9″, roughly 300 lbs. In a lot of ways, that’s still me. My size has always been an issue in one way or another in my life. Growing up, not such a big deal. Up until about seventh […]

Okay, For Real, We’re Doing This

Hey! So here goes nothing on the whole “Ken blogging about stuff going on” thing. Basically, this is something that I’ve been wanting to do for over a decade now, but just never really got around to it for one reason or another. I’m going to give it a whirl, […]