Sports & Photography

I’m entirely fortunate to be involved in some sports that I love. Growing up, my two favorite things in the world were baseball and racing. Baseball was obvious: From t-ball all the way through the beginning of college, I loved the sport and got to spend a good part of my life playing it. After some shoulder trouble, I had to quit baseball (and ended playing lacrosse for just over a half a decade), but have always been into it. Now, I’m lucky enough to be a Durham Bulls season ticket holder, with some of the best seats in the house.

Racing on the other hand, not so obvious. I don’t come from a family of racing fans or anything like that, but when I was four my mom brought me to see a Richard Petty show car. Between that, and watching racing on TV, I was hooked (and always a Petty fan). We had a short track nearby that I was brought to a few times (RIP Riverside Park Speedway), but moving to NC is where I really hit my stride.

In one of my trips to South Boston Speedway, I saw a website advertised that I checked out. It was a news and message board that had various live updates from short tracks in the region. After posting there for a while, I was asked to go to some events, take some pictures, and post some updates. From there, I slowly picked up more and more events until I was attending 60+ races a year handling all the website’s photography, interviews, trackside updates and just about everything else. Sadly, that website’s kind of gone by the wayside, but it was a great place to start.

Since departing there, I’ve been fortunate to be involved with some great organizations: I’ve done public address for various short tracks in the area, and am currently one of the voices you’ll hear at any given race night at America’s Hometown Track, South Boston Speedway.

On top of all that, there’s bobsled, skeleton & luge. I’ve been a fan since the 1988 Olympics, and would always watch during the ABC Wide World of Sports or whenever else I could find it on. Around 2010 or so I thought I’d find some information about the sport, and struggled to find much of anything, and that’s when I decided maybe I’ll just do it myself. After that, Sliding On Ice was born. I get to head to Lake Placid every season, take pictures, and write about a sport that I absolutely love. If you haven’t been up there for a race yet, you really need to go. There’s no better winter sport in the world, I can promise.

Here’s the link to my Flickr page that has some of the updated photos. Over the next few months I hope to have years (since about 2005 or so) of photos posted there. Anyway, here’s the link. Once I find a better way to get albums posted on here, I’ll have more here.